Must The Young Die Too?

On April 22, 2012, Wyatt Sawyer, a long time gospel preacher passed away at the age of 88.  I never met this man, but he had an impact in my life.  You see, when I was a young boy, my parents handed my sister and me a book entitled, “Must the Young Die Too?”  This book recounts the life of a young man from a good family who ran with the wrong crowd, and as a consequence, ended up forfeiting his life at the hands of the state. Wyatt Sawyer was the author of this book.

In this book, Sawyer, in a very compelling way, made me aware of the dangers that youth face, and how quickly life can unravel by instantaneous but poor choices.  I learned by the powerful illustration in this book that decisions made today are not just about today, but affect our tomorrows, in fact, sometimes whether we even have a tomorrow.

But now, here’s my point.  Wyatt Sawyer had a positive impact in my life.  His words of encouragement have stayed with me for over 35 years.  Friends, don’t discount your influence.  Impress the importance of godliness upon the young people in your life.  Point them to good books, don’t shield them from “real life” examples of what happens when one leaves the path of godliness, and teach them the importance of decision making.

I’m a better person because of Wyatt Sawyer.  Please accept this challenge… Spend the time you have to make the young people in your sphere of influence  better people because of you.

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  • It is always a tragedy when a great man of God is taken from us. I look around and almost all of the great men that I looked up to when I was young have all been taken into glory. Now, my generation is the one that has younger people looking up to them! Its a scary thought!

  • Steve, this book also made a great impression on me when I was 12. That was 45 years ago. I pray with you that each of us can be a positive influence for good to those around us, both young & old. Over the years I have witnessed far too many who have been privileged to know the truth, but have traded it for a worldly lifestyle, all to their demise, both physically and spiritually.

    Thank you for your good influence. Keep up the good work you are doing for Christ and the church!

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