My Dad’s Last Sermon

Frank-Rose-2Below is a recording of my dad’s last sermon.  He preached it two weeks before his death.  As you will hear, his voice was very weak, but the message is worth hearing and heeding.

Dad’s Last Sermon

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  • Thank you SO MUCH for posting this lesson. How “bitter-sweet”! What joy and sorrow! I can’t help right now of thinking of (2 Cor.4:16- Therefore we do not lose heart. Even though our outward man is perishing, yet the inward man is being renewed day by day.) Steve I know that as you listened to this sermon the tears flowed freely…mine too. Love you brother! Again thank you so much for sharing it.

  • Steve, what an outstanding lesson from you dad which proved to be his last sermon he physically preached; but as you well know, he like Abel is still preaching and will do so for many years to come — “he being dead still speaks” (Hebrew 11:4)!! I am so happy that you have this recording — it was so appropriate for all that your dad has lived and preached all these many years.

  • Steve,
    Beth and I are enormously saddened for your loss. But the sadness will only make the reunion sweeter. Truly great men are known by their influence. Your Dad had a tremendous influence for good. God bless you and your family as you continue the legacy of faith he handed down to you.

  • Steve, so kind of you to share your dad’s last sermon. Oh what comfort you and your family have. What a marvelous “FAREWELL SERMON”, no doubt Frank wanted it to be said of him that he was helpful in someone going to heaven, I say there are many, because of his love for our LORD. God bless all of you and comfort as well. Praying for the family. Dilley

  • What a POWERFUL last message!!!!

  • Steve – Thank you so much for posting your Dad’s last sermon. My parents and sister attend at Chester, so I had already heard what a good lesson it was. Your Dad was a HUGE influence in my life. He baptized me back in 1992. His preaching/teaching completely changed the course of my life. He was one of the finest Christian men I’ve ever known. I continue to think about you all and keep you in my prayers. – Erin Neese

  • precious 🙂 GOD BLESS

  • Steve, So touching to think this was his last sermon. Very emotional to listen to this. What a treasured remembrance! God bless!

  • Steve, we heard the complete recorded tape of your “Dad;s Last Sermon.” My wife and I just returned home from a 50 years missionary work in the Philippines. My wife and I were married at the beginning of our ministry. That is why we had our golden wedding anniversary and missionary work at a gathering of relatives and friends in San Diego last July 4th to the 7th. many came and rejoiced with us. Therefore, we know how important it is to serve the Lord for a span of 50 years. Again, Steve, thank you very much for sharing your “Dad’s Last Sermon!”

  • so happy you posted this and I got to hear it. how wonderful and how many memories it brought back.

  • I am glad it was recorded and thankful that i got to hear it. So simple but so powerful and profoundly applicable!

  • Your Dad made a visit to my home when I was a young girl, married with a small baby. He came with a visiting minister that was there in Chester for a meeting. He ask me one question that I really didn’t have a valid answer for other than the fact that I didn’t think I could live up to what would of been expected of me if I were to become a Christian. His explanation of the importance of just trying is what brought me to the front of the building in 1979. No words can express the loss that so many of us are feeling, just know that your Dad’s wish of taking just one person with him to heaven after he has left this life has been met numerous times and how thankful we all are that he cared enough to just ask. Much love…

  • Steve,
    Thank You so very much for sharing this with us. That sure was Frank Preaching the Truth. He always preached boldly yet with so much love and kindness. I am so happy you have his last sermon. You and Janie will treasure that your whole life and your children, Oh how they will be able years to come listen to the grandpa they loved so much. I remember my Dad’s (Ted Hanlin) last sermon that he preached but, I do not have the recording of it.

    Thanks again for the Powerful lesson, as you mentioned we all need to heed to the Gospel that we just heard. May God continue to Bless and be with the complete Higginbotham Family. We love you All.
    Darlene McKinley
    Weirton Heights Church of Christ.


  • Darlene, when I was a VERY young Christian (20 yrs old; about 2 yrs old in the faith) around 1980 I drove from Chester to the McKinleyville church of Christ every night of gospel meeting to hear your father (if he is the same Ted Hanlin). He seemed “old” at the time to such a young man. Besides Frank and a couple others he was one of my first experiences of gospel preachers. As I sat there watching & listening to him read passage after passage from his Bible I realized his Bible was upside down; he wasn’t reading them he was quoting the verses from memory! One of the greatest privileges I have had in this life is to be a gospel preacher. It is because of men like your dad & Frank that I am.

  • It was very hard listening to your Dad struggle to get out these words of wisdom. I look back at my life and realize why I came back to the church. It wasn’t the fear of disappointing my parents, nor the fear of going to hell (although that scares the living daylights out of me), nor was it to just fulfill something that had been missing for those years to come. Frank Higginbotham lived his life day to day being a very well known Christian man. For his hard work and dedication of teaching the gospel of God, that is the reason why I came back to the church. I owe all praise and glory to God above for giving the Church on Virginia Ave in Chester, WV a wonderful man like brother Frank to us.

    Given his and my differences of opinion, he was just the type of person that made it really hard to argue with. I’ll always miss our battles between our football teams. He stated to me once from the Bible in Proverbs 22 about a good name being greater than riches. They sure are brother Frank, your name will live on forever!

  • what a great sermon!! So very much said in that short time. thanks so much for sharing.

  • Wow!! What a powerful and fitting sermon to be one’s last. May we all live our lives in such a way that we too can say the things your dad said in those great words of wisdom and encouragement. It is indeed a privilege to have met your dad; and you Steve live in continuation of that great example he has been to all of us.

  • Steve, what a great legacy your dad has left to not only you but all of us who are Gospel preachers. Our motive for living the Christian life was expressed about as well as I have ever heard. You are blessed to be brought up in a God fearing home, and can open up treasures like this from time to time, that will allow your dad to love on in your heart, into eternity. God Bless.

  • thank you so much for sharing. my dad, too was a minister, for over 60 years. when he was just a small boy, about age 9,he told his mom, “i want to be a preacher, i want to help people”. and that he did. his last year was not so restful for him, tho he never complained. just prayed, not for himself, but for the family. he was in a nursing home for 3 months prior his day when mom went in to see him, he told her, “God came to see me, and he told me he was going to lift me up, and give me rest.” about 4 days later, God kept his promise. whaqt a blessing to be brought up in a good christian home. you have a lot to be thankful for. God bless

  • Steve, It was with sadness that I read your post about your dad’s passing. I know that he will be missed, but I also know in that you will be carrying on his legacy as a Minister of the Gospel and that he was proud of you. You and your family are in out prayers

  • Dear Steve, I just listened to you father’s last sermon, and it was great as usual. Your father and mother and I have known each other and been friends for years. Ryan stayed in our home for two years and worked with me, and your father had a great influence on him, and loved him much as well. I first learned to know Frank when he, Pat Gibbons, and Denver Cooper were on a program back in 1956 when they answered Bible Questions sent to them. Kathy and I seldom if ever missed attend a Gospel Meeting in which Frank was preaching in our area of Reader, WV. One amusing thing happened at Middle Fork on one of his meetings. Frank started preaching, using his overhead and part way through a storm cut off all the electric. It was dark but a scurry was made to find a flashlight while Frank kept speaking but cut thing short. I would not have been so funny, but it happened two years in a row as I remember. I think they canceled the second year till the electric was restored. Anyway, I am sorry we were not home when your father passed, as we were in Illinois and Indiana. We do want you to know we really loved and think a lot of your father and mother, and all your family. You are in our prayers, and truly have our sympathy and caring. I just hope that I can somehow keep this last sermon by Frank on my computer as I surely will miss him, but hope to see him again some day. Working with the Pine Grove and Reader congregations in the l960’s we came in contact with quite a few of the Higginbotham family. Thanks so much for sharing Franks last sermon. It means so much to me. May God continue to be with you and bless you all, as I am sure He will be. In Christian love, and for the Masters cause.
    Don and Kathy Kline

  • Thanks for sharing. Remember Frank coming to hold a meeting for us many years ago. I was at Cadiz, Ky then. A fine Christian gentleman.

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