No Punts Allowed

puntKevin Kelley is the head football coach for Pulaski Academy, located in Little Rock, Arkansas. But Kevin Kelley is not your ordinary high school football coach.  He has made his mark on High School football by never allowing his team to punt.

Coach Kelley read the research of a Harvard professor who analyzed 2000 high school football games and came to the conclusion that a team is statistically better served if they never punt the ball away. Coach Kelley embraced his statistical research and so his team never punts.

So, how successful has he been?  He’s won three state championships, has an 86% win percentage, and is playing for his fourth state championship on Saturday night.

But now, here’s the point of this article and how it applies to you:  Don’t be content to do something just because everyone else is doing it.  Be an independent thinker.  Think outside the box.  Get out of your comfortable ruts.  Don’t be pressured to conform when you are convinced something else is right and expedient.

The Lord needs such people in his church…people who will think, plan, brainstorm, and take calculated risks to effectively inform the world of the good news in Jesus!  Be one of those people!

P.S. Here’s to wishing coach Kelley a successful game on Saturday night!

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