Not So Fast!

Did you happen to watch the Cowboys & Eagles play on Monday night? If you did, you witnessed a “Leon Lett” quality blunder!

DeSean Jackson is a wide-receiver for the Philadelphia Eagles. In last
night’s game against the Dallas Cowboys, DeSean caught a 61-yard pass for a touchdown.   Or was it?

Upon review, officials noticed that DeSean, who was running unmolested toward the end zone, began his touchdown celebration too
soon, and simply let go of the ball on the 1-yard line, prior to reaching the end zone.

The best one can say about this blunder is that it was a terrible mental lapse. However, not everyone has been so kind. One of the Monday Night Football announcers said that he had never seen such a “bone-headed play.”

As I watched this play, I couldn’t help but think of how many people make similar mistakes. DeSean Jackson is not alone. You see, our eternal reward will not be given to those who started, but to those who finished. How disappointing to have victory in sight, only to needlessly fumble it away?  And how many people do we know who have done just that?

Friends, don’t lose sight of the goal, and don’t needlessly fumble away your victory. Be faithful to the end, and the victory will be yours (Revelation 2:10).

One more application for those of you who are football fans and willing to read on…Seldom if ever does one fail to finsih well and not adversely affect others.  DeSean Jackson just so happened to be on my Fantasy Football Team, and his mistake negatively influenced me.  I lost my game this weekend by 5 points.  Had DeSean not been showboating, I would have won my game by one point!  Because of our influence, our lives have a ripple effect that reaches farther than we can imagine.  Think of how many people are negatively impacted, literally generations, because of one person’s carelessness and refusal to finish what they started.

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