Polishing The Pulpit

In just a little more than a month (August 27-September2), the Polishing the Pulpit lectureship will begin.  For years, I’ve wanted to attend this event, but just could not swing it due to my schedule.  However, having moved to Knoxville this year, this event will be in my “backyard” so I’ll be able to attend.  This year’s Polishing the Pulpit (PTP) is the largest event in its history.  There will be 102 speakers, 10 concurrent sessions each hour, and 375 separate classes spread out over seven days.  Last year, the attendance surpassed 1400; this year the goal is 2000.  There are tracks for preachers, elders, deacons, women, youth workers, and general lessons for anyone who wishes to improve himself.  I hope you’ll register and make plans to attend.  Their website is www.polishingthepulpit.com.

Why should you attend?  With nearly all occupations, there is required ongoing education.  Teacher’s, doctors, electricians, plumbers, etc. all  have “professional days” in which they are taught new things, and brought up to speed with new policies, etc.  If our secular work sees the merit in ongoing education, then how much more should we embrace as elders, preachers, deacons, Bible class teachers, etc. the idea of continuing education?  Don’t settle.  Rather be challenged by new and innovative ideas which may be employed to advance the cause of Christ.

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  • I want to go every year, but PTP is always scheduled on the weekend when our local college starts back with its fall semester. As a college minister, I can’t miss “Welcome Weekend” (with all our planned festivities), but I sure do wish PTP would be offered at another time.

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