Christian Living

Convenient Or Christian
Our Relationship With The World
Why Are You Special
What Is In Your Hand
Get Real
Girls Gone Mild
He is My Everything
Reclaiming Words
The Challenge to Know God
The Challenge to See God
U-Turns Allowed

Consider Others
Awakened By A Rooster

I Want To Want To
Think And Do Better
Contagious Christianity

Running the Race

Learning To Love Correction
Learning How To Offer Criticism
Please Be Patient

Religoius Games – Hide & Seek
Religoius Games – Simon Says
Truth or Consequences
Work Comes Before Rest
The Great Omission
How To Gain God’s Favor
Challenges of the New Year
Faith in the Midst of Storms
Without Love I am Nothing
Turn from our Wicked Ways
An Open Door and a Challenge
Things That Are Better
One Thing Leads To Another
If I Were The Devil
If I Were The Lord
The Obedient Man
Awake, You Who Sleep!
More Like The Devil
There’s An All-Seeing Eye Watching You
Wanted: Morality In America
Overcoming Sin
It’s Your Responsibility
How Deep Is Your Commitment?
Gambling & The Scriptures
Our Journey Home
Judged By What Could Have Been
Judgment Day Surprises
What Our Leaders Need To Possess
Think On These Things
So Close, But Lost
The Seven Blunders Of The World
All Men Everywhere Must…
Imperfect Discipleship
Overcoming Discouragement
There’s Hope
You Are The Salt Of The Earth
The Lust Of The Flesh
The Lust Of The Eyes
The Pride Of Life
Things That Accompany Salvation
By This I Know
Take Root Downward, Bear Fruit Upward
“Must” Is Not An Option
The Three Bears
Two Crosses Necessary To Cross Over
Simon Says
Sum or Some
Doing Truth
The Aroma of Christ
Do You Have A Nickname?
When Duties Become Desires
Sufficiency In Evangelism
Learning To Forgive
Garments of the Bible
Have You Been to Gethsemane?
For Graduates: Facing Life’s Changes & Challenges
Living Above Mediocrity
New Year’s: A New Beginning
What’s Your Price Tag?
Promises I Hold Dear
Say It Again
Let The Redeemed Of The Lord Say So
The Heart Of A Servant
When The Last Is First
Give Thanks
You Shall Know The Truth
If You Had Two Wishes
Victory In Jesus
Why You Are Special
The Eternal Word
Does Zeal Consume You?
The Power Of An Invitation


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