Doctrinal Sermons

The Kind of Preaching We Need
But of that Day and Hour…
But of that Day and Hour (PowerPoint)
What Happens When I Die?

Instrumental Music
Questions & Answers I
Have You Heard About The Church Of Christ?
Can We Understand The Bible Alike?
Is Non-Denominational Christianity Possible?
When God Gives Up
Where Are The Dead
To Judge Or Not To Judge?
Things That Will & Will Not Happen On The Last Day
Angels, Demons, And Satan
Some Things God Will & Will Not Do
Are You Sure He Exists?
“Nots” Which Cannot Be Untied
Reading Or Writing?
Change Is Not A Four Letter Word
From Adam’s Rib To Women’s Lib
Some Things Baptism Will Not Do
The Apple Of Eden
Marriage, Divorce, & Remarriage
The Second Coming Of Jesus
The Importance Of Baptism
Things Most Surely Believed (Part 1)
Things Most Surely Believed (Part 2)
Things Most Surely Believed (Part 3)
Sinners In The Hands Of An Angry God
Lessons From The Baptism of John
The Biblical Doctrine of Fasting
Be Still & Know That I Am God
Hard Sayings Of Jesus
How Beautiful Heaven Must Be
Is God Listening?
Why Don’t We Use Instruments In Worship?
Is Jesus Coming Soon?
Who Is Satan?
Can One Fall From Grace?
Questions Concerning The Eldership
More Questions Concerning The Eldership
The Sum Of Thy Word Is Truth
Why Do You Look On When Christians Suffer?
Integrity: Do You Want Me To Tell You The Truth?

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