Old Testament Sermons

The 400 Silent Years (Notes from a Johnny Ramsey Sermon)
Midian, Gideon, & God

Hope In God
David & The Ark
Hide or be Hidden?

Lost in the Credits – Micaiah (PowerPoint)

Lost in the Credits – Sons of Korah (PowerPoint)
Lost in the Credits – Bezaleel (PowerPoint)
Lost in the Credits – Onesiphorus (PowerPoint)
Lost in the Credits – Bartimaeus (PowerPoint)
Lost in the Credits – Legacy of the Foolish (PowerPoint)
Jacob and Laban
When the Faithful are Fearful
How To Change A City
Hezekiah: The Man Who Lived Too Long
Nadab & Abihu: The Severity of God
Jeroboam: Man-Made Religion
Nehemiah: A Mind To Work
Noah: A Man Who Walked With God
Uzziah: The Leprous King
Daniel: Faithful In Adversity
Adam: First In Line To Need A Savior
Building Or Babbling?
Balaam’s Strange Prayer
What Does The Lord Require Of Me?
The Other Ethiopian Eunuch
The Brazen Serpent
Remember Lot’s Wife
Lessons From A Giant Slayer
The Valley Of Dry Bones
Trumpet, Pitcher, & Torch
The High Price Of Sin
A Thing Of Brass
Choose Whom You Will Serve
Job: A Faithful Father
Gideon: A Champion of Obedience
Hannah: A Mother Worthy of Imitation
Factors That Caused Israel To Fall
A Whale of a Story
Grace In A Barren Place
Moses’ Great Sin
Blunders of an Army Captain
The Prophetic Word Made More Sure
Working Against A Leader
Between The Devil And The Deep Red Sea
Revenge: Justified Sin?
Bringing To Light Some Obscure Sins
Forgotten Sins

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