PowerPoint Sermons

[important]These PowerPoint sermons are actually in .PDF format.  Many of the actual backgrounds that I use come from a subscription service (GraceWay Media), thus it would be inappropriate to post the actual PowerPoint files on this page.  But hopefully, you can get some ideas and use from these files.  I would also encourage you to consider subscribing to GraceWay Media.  It’s a great tool for your PowerPoint presentations.[/important]
Lost in the Credits – Micaiah (PowerPoint)

Lost in the Credits – Sons of Korah (PowerPoint)
Lost in the Credits – Bezaleel (PowerPoint)
Lost in the Credits – Onesiphorus (PowerPoint)
Lost in the Credits – Bartimaeus (PowerPoint)
Lost in the Credits – Legacy of the Foolish
Work Out Your Own Salvation (PowerPoint)
Gimme That Showtime Religion (PowerPoint)
Same But Different (PowerPoint)
Hide Or Be Hidden (PowerPoint)
Our Journey Home (PowerPoint)
Running the Race (PowerPoint)
A Lost Book (PowerPoint)
The Greatest News (PowerPoint)
The Weapons of our Warfare (PowerPoint)
The Resurrection (PowerPoint)
Are We Saved By Water? PowerPoint)
The Greatest Gifts Of All (PowerPoint)

We Surrender All (PowerPoint)
The Value of a Strong Faith (PowerPoint)
A Fork in the Road (PowerPoint)
But God (PowerPoint)
Will 2012 Be The End Of The World? (PowerPoint)
With What Is The Road To Hell Paved? (PowerPoint)
The Best Possible News (PowerPoint)
A Spooky Sermon (PowerPoint)
Can These Bones Live Again? (PowerPoint)
Seeing Is Bereaving (PowerPoint)
What If You Had Two Wishes? (PowerPoint)

Questions About Salvation (PowerPoint)
Learning How To Offer Criticism (PowerPoint)
Learning To Love Correction (PowerPoint)
Lessons from the Shunammite Woman (PowerPoint)
Christian Growth (PowerPoint)
Removing Doubts (PowerPoint)
Back to School (PowerPoint)
Awakened By A Rooster (PowerPoint)
Too Many Tabernacles (PowerPoint)
Imitate Me (PowerPoint)
Jesus & Peer Pressure (PowerPoint)
I Want To Want To (PowerPoint)
When You’re Disappointed With Jesus (PowerPoint)
The Challenge To Know God (PowerPoint)

We Need You: The Priesthood of All Believers (PowerPoint)

It’s All About Jesus: His Identity (Part 1) (PowerPoint)
It’s All About Jesus: The Fourfold Witnesses (Part 2) (PowerPoint)
It’s All About Jesus: The Woman At The Well (Part 3) (PowerPoint)
It’s All About Jesus: The Adulterous Woman (Part 4) (PowerPoint)
It’s All About Jesus: The Raising of Lazarus (Part 5) (PowerPoint)

It’s All About Jesus: Thomas (Part 6) (PowerPoint)

Remember Lot’s Wife (PowerPoint)

Making Contact: How To Evangelize (PowerPoint)
The Ethiopian Eunuch (PowerPoint)
The Walking With Christ (PowerPoint)
The ABC’s of Discipleship (PowerPoint)
Honoring Mom (PowerPoint)
God Allows UTurns (PowerPoint)
Hearing and Listening (PowerPoint)
God’s Great Invitation (PowerPoint)

What If Jesus Really Meant What He Said? (PowerPoint)
The Fact of the Resurrection (PowerPoint)
Raise Them Right (PowerPoint)
Parenting & Confronting Culture (PowerPoint)
Eulogizing the Living God (PowerPoint)
Challenges of Worship (PowerPoint)

Money Myths (PowerPoint)

Who’s Your Barnabas? (PowerPoint)
Who’s Your Zaccheus? (Power Point)
Who’s Your Jonathan? (PowerPoint)
Who’s Your Rhoda? (PowerPoint)

Who’s Your Nathan? (PowerPoint)

Where’s Your Jerusalem? (PowerPoint)

God’s Game Plan (PowerPoint)

The Kind Of Faith We Need (PowerPoint)
All About Jesus (PowerPoint)
Calm in the Midst of Chaos (PowerPoint)

Tests of Faith (PowerPoint)
Faith for Dummies (PowerPoint)
Families on the Edge: Erosion (PowerPoint)

Families on the Edge: Foundation (PowerPoint)

Eulogizing The Living God (PowerPoint)
What’s A Father To Do? (PowerPoint)
Girls Gone Mild (PowerPoint)
The Greatest Show On Earth 1 (PowerPoint)
The Greatest Show On Earth 2 (PowerPoint)
Church Growth (PowerPoint)
Jesus And Politics (PowerPoint)
Lifestyles of the Rich & Amos (PowerPoint)
What’s A Christian To Do (PowerPoint)
Worthless Offerings (PowerPoint)

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