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Do Natural Disasters Prove God Is Evil?

How are we supposed to believe in a God who created a world that includes tornadoes, earthquakes, hurricanes, and tidal waves? Each year, thousands of people are injured, maimed, and killed by these forces of nature. So I must ask, “Does this ‘natural evil’ prove that God is ‘morally evil?’” Surely not! The natural laws …

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Thankful to God

Today I received a text from my sister.  It contained the picture to the left.  My sister has been going through some old boxes at our mom’s house.  Among the things she found was a calendar/journal that belonged to our grandma, Garnet Higginbotham.  The entry was from the day her daughter, our aunt passed away …

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How Not To Respond To Tragedy

In the wake of the recent school shooting in Connecticut, pundits have expressed a wide variety of views on everything from gun control, mental illness, bullying, the Devil, as well as God.  One of the most outrageous statements that I believe I have heard came from a preacher and nationally known Christian author.  Here’s what …

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