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Seize the Day

The story is told of a Sergeant and a Private in the army who were travelling together on a train. Sitting across from them in the same compartment and facing them was a mother and her beautiful daughter.  As the train entered a tunnel, everything went black as coal, then there was the sound of …

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Fill In The Blank

In a moment, I am going to give you the opportunity to “fill in the blank” with either the word, “and” or the word, “but.” Although you may not recognize the passage I am about to share with you, I want you to insert the word you think best fits the context and belongs in the …

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The Fred Factor

Not too long ago, I read a book by Mark Sanborn entitled, “The Fred Factor.”  The book is about a mailman who took his job seriously and consistently went above and beyond the call of duty in performing his job.  While the book is not a “religious” book, the spiritual and biblical applications are everywhere.   …

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