momanddadTwo months ago today, my dad unexpectedly passed away, and tomorrow I’m supposed to celebrate Thanksgiving Day.  In spite of the sorrow I’ve experienced over the past two months, and the sadness we’ll experience when Dad will not be sitting around the table with us tomorrow, I still have so many reasons for which to give thanks.

  • I’m thankful that I had my dad for 51 years.  I know many who would give anything to have their fathers as long as I had mine.
  • I’m thankful for the kind of relationship I had with my dad throughout those 51 years.  He was my friend, my mentor, and my confidant.  He and my mother taught me about Jesus.  It was his preaching that shaped my life.  It was he who baptized me into Christ.  And it was his integrity, attitude, priorities, and influence that caused me to want to preach as well.
  • I’m thankful that I’ve never had reason to be ashamed of my dad.  I’ve sometimes seen people fight to become their “own person,” and fight the shadow of their father.  However, I’ve always been content, not to be known as Steve Higginbotham, but as Frank Higginbotham’s son.
  • And I’m thankful that I can say my dad is my hero.  I’m proud and thankful for a friend and fellow Christian where I preach for being a Silver Star recipient for his gallantry in service to our country.  But I’m every bit as proud and thankful for my dad’s service in a different army.  Dad never received a medal, nor did he ever even pick up a rifle, but he sure could wield a sword effectively until the day he laid it down.

Tomorrow’s Thanksgiving.  Although the pain of our loss is still fresh, you can count on our family being among those who have reason to give thanks.  What about you?  If you’re in Christ, you too have reason to give thanks, regardless of life’s circumstances.

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  • Steve, that is beautiful and yes, you are truly blessed. In one way your heart will be heavy but in another way it will be lifted up, knowing your father is waiting for you to join him years from now when your walk on earth is done. I hope your mother is doing better now. I have a FB friend whose parents were divorced or separated ~ hadn’t lived together for years ~ she lost them both suddenly on the same day 2 or 3 months ago. She and her mother lived together for about a year before she suddenly got sick and died. We’ll be praying for all of you as you enjoy your day together with your family and give thanks for all the work you do serving the Lord.

  • So beautiful Steve! Tony and I read this together and it was so touching and of course true. Happy Thanksgiving to you and your family -Hope you will always
    rejoice in your blessings!

  • Simply put, Frank did NOT die… Frank graduated. People who have no hope beyond the grave, die, but people who die in the Lord, do not die, they graduate!!!!!

  • Steve, Great tribute to your family. Will be thinking of you all tomorrow.
    Some say it gets easier but, my Jim left for the Glory land 10 yrs. Ago.
    It’s still a time when memories flood in but, oh how thankful and blessed
    We are to know they left this life as faithful Christians. Thanks for sharing
    The wonderful picture.
    Love to your Dear family,
    Darlene McKinley- weirton

  • Brother Steve, You and your family are blessed indeed. Think of how many people throughout generations yet to come, that have been and will be positively blessed because of the life your father lived.

  • Dear Brother Steve,
    First let me (though late) tell you how deeply sorry I am for your loss. Your latest MercEmail on Thanksgiving was very touching to me. We are the same age but had very different dads. All of the things you touched upon that you were thankful your dad was not, mine pretty much was. I lost my dad in 94 and never really got to get to know him as good as I wanted to (even though I had him for over 30 years).
    I never had the pleasure of meeting or hearing your dad (so I will listen to his last sermon), but I have been able to hear and learn from one of his greatest blessings, his son. If you mirror your dad in any way, he must have been a tremendous soldier for Christ. I appreciate your efforts for the Kingdom and look forward to see you again at PTP and learn from you each time I receive your wisdom via MercEmail or through the Schools paper.
    Hope all is well with you and your family. Fred Nowell – York, PA

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