The Irony of Radical Feminism

feminism1Presently, a total of seven states have banned abortions performed for the reason of “sex selection.” As you know, several cultures value male children much more than female children. Consequently, many women are having abortions when they learn the gender of their pre-born child is female.

Talk about sex-discrimination! You’d think that feminists who are all about protecting the rights of women, would join hands and help prevent the killing of unborn babies simply because they are female.

However, radical feminist, along with Planned Parenthood, are doing all they can to stop and overturn legislation preventing abortion on the basis of gender. Ironic, isn’t it? Those who allegedly are opposed to discrimination against females on the basis of their gender are for the murder of pre-born females on the basis of their gender.

Don’t be gullible and think that the reason is because they don’t believe a pre-born baby is a human. In writing for, Mary Elizabeth Williams, a noted radical feminist, wrote an article under the subheading of, “So what if abortion ends life?” She wrote, “I believe that life starts at conception, and it’s never stopped me from being pro-choice.” In this article Miss Williams unashamedly affirms that life begins at conception and that it is foolish to pretend otherwise. She argued that to be relieved over an abortion but grieved over a miscarriage is understandable, but to argue that what was growing inside of the mother wasn’t the same is foolish. Life isn’t determined by the intent of the mother. She went so far as to affirm that a fetus is indeed a life, but it is “a life worth sacrificing.”

Friends, don’t be duped. Radical feminism isn’t “for women,” it’s “for the individual advocate.” How else does one explain such inconsistencies as noted above?

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