The Rest of the Story

the-rest-of-the-storyDo you know who Joseph, called Barsabbas was?  No?  Doesn’t ring a bell?  Well then, let me ask you another question.  Do you know who Matthias was?  Ah, that you know.  He was the man selected to replace Judas as an apostle.  The other man who was not selected was Joseph, called Barsabbas.

Joseph, called Barsabbas was a man who was a disciple of Jesus.  He was a disciple of Jesus from the time of Jesus’ baptism till the day of his ascension.  He therefore was with Jesus through thick and thin.  Then Judas kills himself, and a vacancy for apostleship becomes open.  His name is mentioned as a candidate.  Can you imagine his excitement?  The honor?  The opportunity.? The plans that must have run through his head?  Then just like that, he is rejected and Matthias is selected.  His dreams were dashed, his plans were trashed.

So now what?  Does he pout?  Does he become critical of the very ones he wanted to become a part of, especially Matthias?  Does he become disillusioned and stop living for Jesus?  I wish I could answer those questions for you, however Scripture is silent about Joseph, called Barsabbas after this event.  I want to believe that he took this disappointment in stride and continued to serve Jesus as a faithful disciple, who was at one time honored to even be considered as a possible apostle.  Someday, maybe we’ll get to know “the rest of the story” with respect to Joseph, called Barsabbas.

But now, what about you.  What’s the “rest of the story” you’re writing with your own life?  Ever been disappointed?  Ever been overlooked?  Ever been hurt and rejected?  Of course you have; we all have.  But how do you plan to deal with it?  Quit?  Withdrawal?  Vilify those who hurt you?  Or will you continue to be a faithful disciple of Jesus?  How will the “rest of the story” be written with respect to your life?  Give it some thought.

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