The Road Not Taken

roadIn 1916, Robert Frost published the most popular poem of the 20th century. For the past one hundred years, “The Road Not Taken” has been the most recognized poem in America. In this poem, a traveler comes to a fork in the road and decides to take “the road less traveled by.” According to the traveler in this poem, that decision made all the difference in the world.

Most people see this poem as a tribute to “can-do-individualism.” They see “traveling the road less traveled by” a praiseworthy choice. They contemplate the value of individualism, being one’s own person, and not blindly following the crowd (Exodus 23:2). To most, traveling the road less traveled by is a road full of blessings.

However, there’s another angle that needs to be examined. Traveling the road less traveled by can also be a disastrous decision that makes “all the difference” in the traveler’s life. You see, some roads are “less traveled by” because of their danger and treachery. Some roads “less traveled by” are that way because they lead to ruin, and the majority know it? While this isn’t the typical perspective one has, is it not just as needful to contemplate?

Friends, as you stand at the fork in the road, before embarking on the “road less traveled by,” make sure you know the reason that road is less traveled.  Give it some thought!

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