Things I’ve Learned After 50 Years

MeOkay, so I actually just  turned 52 years old.  I’m allowed to round off.  Here’s a fun list and a more serious list of five things that I have learned after fifty (two if you insist) years of living.

1.  Don’t put a lot of stock in those aptitude tests given in school.  Can you see me as a Forrest Ranger?

2.  Girls don’t really have cooties.  I’ve grown quite fond of my wife.

3.  Splitting your pants in 3rd grade won’t be the worst thing that will happen to you in your entire life.

4.  The number of army movies you watched as a child does not increase your changes of getting drafted because of the military knowledge you amassed from the movies.

5.  Surviving quicksand has not proven to be as big an issue as I thought it would be when I was five years-old.

Now for five more mature observations…

1.  God has incredibly blessed my life.

2.  I’m thankful everyday for my wife.

3.  I’ve learned that life is short, and eternity is long.

4.  I’ve learned that loss and heartache fine tunes your focus on Heaven.

5.  And most importantly, I’ve learned that Jesus is everything!



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  • One of your points that life is short and eternity is long is something that those that are young can’t understand but as you get older, you look back and wonder where did all the days, months and years go. They slipped by so quickly while I was taking care of a family, teaching a class at church, teaching 3rd grade for 32 years in public school, visiting grandparents until neither of them were left alive, visiting uncles and aunts until all are gone , many friends are gone and here I am 70 years old and looking back and thinking, “Where did all the time go?” Life is short but it is only a grain of sand on the beach of eternity. I am so glad that God sent his Son to make a way for all of us to spend eternity together with Him. It is only by His grace and mercy that we have this opportunity to live in a land where time does not exist. Thank you, Steve, for your words of wisdom.

  • Oh Steve this was so good. I’m in the hospital with a stress fracture of left leg What a joy to open my email and find such inspiring words Thanks Steve for all you do for so many of us God Bless you, Your family, and the great work you do for the Lord Darlene

  • Steve, I could see you as a forest ranger. And with your height, they wouldn’t even have to build the observation tower as high. 🙂

    I’m glad that you chose to be a preacher, though. Your work is a benefit to so many!

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