Time To Drop Your Security Blanket

linusEarlier this week, I happened across an article written by Jason Soroski that caught my attention. It was an article about Linus, from the “Charlie Brown” cartoon strip. If you recall, Linus was never seen without his “security blanket.” His attachment to this blanket caused a great deal of consternation among all the other Peanuts characters. Charlie Brown, Lucy, Snoopy, etc. all tried by hook and crook to get Linus to get rid of that blanket, but with no success.

However, Soroski made an interesting observation. In the “Charlie Brown Christmas” episode that airs around this time each year, Soroski noticed that Linus willingly dropped his “security blanket.” The blanket he tenaciously clutched while others tried to pry it from it, he willingly dropped. Do you know when?  It was when Linus was on stage and gave a short monologue wherein he quoted Luke 2:8-11 (the announcement of Jesus’ birth). Specifically, Linus dropped his cherished “security blanket” at the moment he said, “Do not be afraid.”

I must wonder if Charles Schulz, the creator of “Charlie Brown” was trying to make a subtle, but sublime statement. Who else can separate us from our insecurities and fears but Jesus? Who else but Jesus has the power to calm our spirits and give us hope? Who else but Jesus has the power to cause us to leave behind bad habits from which we haven’t been able to break? Who else but Jesus can cause us to “let go” and trust?

So if you find yourself to be 53 years old like I am, and still have a desire to watch this cartoon, now you have an excuse to do so.  You see, Charlie Brown is good for more than just a chuckle, he also reminds us of the comfort and security that Jesus brings.

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