Time Zones

Anyone who has ever done any traveling realizes that “Time Zones” have to be taken into account.  While visiting Israel a few years ago, I found myself wide awake at 3:00 a.m. every night.  It just didn’t seem like it should be bed time, but according to the time zone we were in, it was.  I had to learn to take into consideration the time zone I was in, and attempt to conform to it.  That meant that sometimes I had to try to sleep when I wasn’t sleepy, and stay awake when I was tired.

While we’ve all heard of E.S.T., C.S.T., M.S.T., P.S.T., we may be guilty of failing to consider the most important one.  It’s called, G.S.T., and that stands for “God’s Sovereign Time.”  Failure to consider this “time zone” caused problems for many people.

Zechariah and Elizabeth wanted a child in their youth.  Their prayers were answered, but not according to their time, but according to  God’s Sovereign Time (G.S.T.).  Mary and Martha wanted the Lord to heal their brother, Lazarus.  He did, but not according to their time, but according to God’s Sovereign Time (G.S.T.).  And then there’s your story.  What is it that you have been praying for?  Before you become disillusioned or disappointed with God, please take the time zone into account.  Are you expecting God to work in your time zone (E.S.T., C.S.T., M.S.T., P.S.T.) or are you allowing him to work in his (G.S.T.)?  Give it some thought.

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