Unprejudiced Racism


  • I’m not prejudiced, really.  That’s just the way I was brought up.  I don’t mean anything by it.
  • I’m not prejudiced, really.   I just don’t want them moving next door.
  • I’m not prejudiced, really.  I just think they could thrive better if they had their own church.
  • I’m not prejudiced, really.  I don’t mean anything by the jokes I tell.  They’re just jokes.
  • I’m not prejudiced, really.  There’s nothing wrong with those words.  They’re just too sensitive.
  • I’m not prejudiced, really.  I’m just not comfortable and don’t feel safe around a group of them.
  • I’m not prejudiced, really.  I just think people ought to know their place and stick with their own kind.
  • I’m not prejudiced, really.  After all, the Bible’s against the mixing of the races, right?

“My brethren, do not hold the faith of our Lord Jesus Christ, the Lord of glory, with partiality…but if you show partiality, you commit sin, and are convicted by the law as transgressors” (James 2:1,9).

Racism and prejudice cannot be excused by our upbringing, defended by generalizations, or dismissed as a minor character flaw.  God calls it a “SIN!”

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  • Thank you for the post Steve. As a long time member of the church of Christ and a preacher’s wife, we have experienced this first hand. We have even had elders in the church tell us that they don’t “want to cause a stir by our “mixed” marriage” when my husband was interested in a tryout for the minister position. We also know of a well-known congregation in the south that is near one of our great brotherhood universities say, “We don’t want to bring in too many of those kind” in our congregation. This was coming from the elders of that congregation. I know of another congregation in the same area that my husband had a job tryout there say, “We really enjoyed your sermon and everything went well, but they were concerned about what others might think about the “mixed” marriage.

    Good news is my husband was working with a congregation in the south some years back that had issues with racism, after having preached a sermon one Sunday and write a few articles on the issue, one lady had a change heart. She came up to me with tears and apologized. It felt good to know that some Christians are willing to change.

    It is a serious problem in the church. Many don’t realize how strong racism exists on all sides.

    It really does hurt.

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