Vacation Bible School

vbsbarnTonight is the last night of our Vacation Bible School.  The attendance this year has been the best attendance we’ve had in the 20 years I have been in Glasgow.  It’s great to see so many children who are excited to learn more about Jesus.  My hat’s off to all those teachers who teach these children in a way that they find exciting, interesting, and informative.  My hat’s also off to all the people who were involved in building the “set” for this year’s VBS.  As you can see, a lot of work went into it.

When this week is over, the set will be broken down, loaded up, and taken to Grant County Kentucky where several of our members will be conducting VBS for the new congregatin that was established there.  I really appreicate the dedication and sacrifice of our teachers.

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  • We are having a very similar situation at our congregation. We built a barn set and will be taking it from Nashville to Whiteville, North Carolina. It must be the year for the farm theme.

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