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I hope that you will take 62 seconds to watch the video embedded in this article, then come back and read what I have to say about it.

Disgusted?  Well, I am.  I’m shocked and ashamed by the actions and words of the “priest” in this video.  But wait, my disgust has generated another thought that I want you to consider.  Do you have the same feelings of shame, disgust, and shock when some of our brothers and sisters in the pews do the same thing?  Don’t tell me that you haven’t heard of Christians skipping worship services for a ball game.  Why is it that attendance in many churches will drop on the Sunday night of the Super Bowl?  (Even in a day and age when we have DVR’s)  Why is it that parents as well as youth will be absent from worship services when their sports calendar conflicts with our scheduled times of worship?

Is it more offensive when we see a “priest” do it?  Is that the difference?  If it is, then maybe we had better rethink what the Bible teaches about the priesthood of all believers.  Have we forgotten that every Christian is a priest (1 Peter 2:9)?  There is no such thing as a clergy/laity distinction in New Testament Christianity.  Every Christian is a priest and has priestly responsibilities to fulfill.

We’ve often heard the expression, “Practice what you preach,” and it’s good advice.  But I’ve also wondered what it might look like if preachers would “preach what the church practices.”  I’m afraid that this is what it might look like, at least among some brethren.

If you find the actions of the man in this video as being outrageous, you should.  They are.  But it’s just as outrageous when the “priests in the pews” practice the same thing.  Don’t be desensitized to sin.  Discipline yourselves to abhor it (Romans 12:9) whether it’s practiced in the pulpit or the pew.

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  • How about a congregation that cancels services on Christmas day and New years day? I just don’t understand.

  • Amen! Totally agree.

  • This video may have recorded as a lesson in its self, which just underscores your observations and God’s expectations that we put Him first in ALL things, ABOVE all things. Thanks for reminding us priests.

  • It is now being reported that the video was mostly a joke and that the “priest” held a full service right after that. That in NO WAY diminishes the excellent points made in your article. Attendance will be down in most congregations even of the Lord’s people on February 2. That’s because “disciples” of Jesus will have a greater love for football than their “Lord”. Chalk another one up for the religion of sports.

  • Thanks for the update, David. When I first saw the video, I thought that maybe it was a poor joke by the preacher. Especially the way it stopped so suddenly, and the fact that it was being recorded in the first place. I went to the church’s website for an answer, but got no response from them. (I think they did it as a publicity stunt). But I decided that whether it was real or a prank pulled by the preacher, it didn’t make any difference for the point I was going to make (as you brought up too). As a prank, it’s disrespectful and irreverent. If it were real, it’d be disrespectful and irreverent. Either way, it sets the stage to help make the Christian in the pew realize how irreverent it is to miss worship for a game. I hope people will think about it. Again, thanks for your comments.

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