What’s Your Bible IQ?

dustyHow well can you do on this brief, five-question quiz?

  • Who was rebuked by Jesus for caring more about temporal things than eternal things?
  • To whom did Jesus offer “living water” that would cause one to never again thirst?
  • Which disciple was given a second chance to follow Jesus after denying him?
  • Who postponed obedience to Christ by procrastinating for a “more convenient season?”
  • Who was the captive who gained his freedom in exchange for Jesus’ death?

If your answers were (Martha, the Samaritan woman, Peter, Felix, and Barabbas), give yourself partial credit. But none of those answers are what I was looking for. However, if you answered each question with your own name, then give yourself full credit!

Okay, so the quiz is a “trick,” but if you go back and re-read all the questions, you’ll see that your name is a perfect answer to every question. The purpose of this little quiz is just to remind you to internalize the Scriptures. The Bible is a great book, but if we don’t make personal application of its truths, it will do us no good. Give it some thought.

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