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I enjoy writing.  I’m no wordsmith and I still have much room for improvement, but I would like to think that I’m better at this craft today than I was 10 years ago.  If I were to break down my typical duties each week, a good bit of time would be spent in writing, or preparation for writing.  So, the question follows, “why write?  Why spend time writing when you could be doing other things?”

Here are the answers I would give to those questions, and these answers are reasons I would give to encourage others to write as well:

  • Through writing, you’ll reach people all over the world.  On a typical Sunday, I will reach approximately 350 people with a message that I prepared.  Through writing, I can reach countless more people.  Just yesterday, I examined my blog for the past 24 hours.  During that time, people from 72 nations visit my site, and over the past week, 7,730 people visited my blog.  Writing will take the scope of your ministry much larger than the local church.
  • Your writing will outlive you.  How many of us have read and been encouraged by articles written by men who are now deceased.  Wouldn’t you like to know that even long after you are dead, your labors will continue to help others in their relationship with Jesus?  That’s what writing will do.
  • Writing will help keep you fresh and studying.  Writing forces you to read, study, and listen.  You can’t draw water from an empty well, and you can’t write when you have nothing to say.  This is what helps you stay fresh.  Writing will help you develop the ability to look at ordinary things and draw spiritual applications from them.
  • Writing will help you stay relevant.  Many people are looking for a leading voice on moral, social, and religious issues.  Writing can allow you to be the person to whom they look for direction and guidance.  Through writing, you have the ability to embolden, challenge, and mobilize people regarding present, timely concerns.
  • Writing is simply a matter of stewardship.  How else can you reach so many for so little cost?  To whom much is given, much shall be required.  How can we not use this medium effectively and give account to God.

Writing is hard work, but it can pay great dividends.  If you’ve been thinking about writing, let me encourage you to do so.  After all, God thought it was a pretty effective way to communicate.

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