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higg3I’m a native of West Virginia, growing up in the small town of Chester, WV, the most northern city in the state.  In 1980, I entered Freed-Hardeman College and graduated in 1984.  I met my wife, Kim (Pierce) at Freed-Hardeman and we have four children (Kelli, Michael, Matthew, and Anne Marie).  Upon graduation from college, we moved to Nitro, WV where I preached five years.  In 1989, we moved to Glasgow, KY and I served as the preaching minister for the South Green Street Church of Christ for 21 years.

However, in June of 2010, I began full-time work with the Karns Church of Christ in Knoxville, TN (www.karnscoc.org).  Here at Karns I serve as the preaching minister and a faculty member of the Southeast Institute of Biblical Studies (formerly known as the East Tennessee School of Preaching and Missions).

I enjoy writing. I have served as one of the editors for THINK magazine, and for over a decade have written a weekly email devotional called MercEmail (pronounced Mercy-Mail).  If you’d like to receive these brief messages, you can subscribe by going to the “MercEmail” page on this website.

In addition to my work, I am a huge fan and trivia buff of the Andy Griffith Show and I am a fan of the Pittsburgh Steelers, the WVU Mountaineers, Kentucky Wildcats, and I’m learning to like bright Orange! 🙂

CONTACT INFORMATION: higginbotham.steve@gmail.com


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  • Noticed that you had moved from Glasgow. Now you can come north on I-71 to Florence, Ky to visit. Hope all is well with you/your family/Dad/Mom!! Take care and keep in touch. May God’s richest blessings be with you/ your family/your work.

  • Thank you, Steve for introducing me to your app. site. Great site with a lot of inspirational stories. I am going to enjoy this app. for a long time. Thanks for all you do.

  • Steve,
    I noticed the speed of access to the pages on your website have really gotten slow in recent weeks. I just wondered if you knew. I enjoy your website.

  • Jerry,
    I will do this every once in a while. It’s a server issue, and I just have to “ride it out.” Hopefully it will return to normal soon.

  • Obadiah A Doka. Hi. Steve. Your website is educative and spiritual fit for souls.
    Remember Nigerians are calling you to preach to them. My email. U_obadiahda@yahoo.com

  • I preach for a small congregation in Easter Kansas and came across your post card “Calm in the midst of Chaos”. Do you have a master copy that I could copy and remake for our congregation. By the way, did you attend York College? Your name is familiar but it was years ago when I attended York.
    David Sherlock, http://www.dSherlock@TerraWorld.net

  • Any relation to Frank Higginbotham? I had heard Brother Frank preach at the Chester, WV Church of Christ several times years ago.

  • Yes, Frank was my dad. If you will look under the “audio” link on this website, you’ll find archives of dad’s daily radio program.

  • […] Steve Higginbotham, preacher for the South Green Street Church of Christ in Glasgow, KY. has written and posted some […]

  • Dear Steve, To say that I agree with your article on “Is There Life Without A PROM,” is such an understatement that it is humorous. In this time in history when it seems that anything goes in the church, which the Lord suffered and died for, there seems to be the thinking that if it feels good and is accepted by the world, it is alright to do even if you are a Jesus believing Christian. Your article was blocked on our church site until the elder took it under advisement. I told a Christian man that had read your article and posted it on our church site that sometimes I feel like I am out in the ocean paddling just as hard as I can to be the kind of Christian that Jesus would love. I feel like there are sharks swimming all around me trying to get me to go along with their liberal views and these sharks call themselves my brothers and sisters in the Lord’s body. I wish that I lived close enough to attend worship where you preach because I need the kind of encouragement that I get from your writings. However that is not possible so I struggle on. I am a 30 year widow that was once married to a gospel preacher that preached the purest form of the gospel and it is so hard to hear the kind of preaching that won’t offend anyone. My toes need to be stepped on and I need to be reminded of how to please my master more perfectly. I thank God for men like you who preach that kind of truth and I pray that you will have a long life and continue to preach the unvarnished truth. Thank you from the bottom of my heart.

  • I tried to post this under your article by this name but there was no way for me to comment. I just want to express my appreciation for your teaching.

  • Hi Steve I learnt of your sermon site and found them to be of importance and relevant,to use.

  • Steve, My nephew Greg Olsen has informed me you will be participating in Westhill’s October Lectureship in Corsicana, Texas. Your topic, “How to restore New Testament Christianity” is a sorely needed subject to be heeded by every faithful New Testament Christian. Thank you for what you do within the body of Christ…. Ole Olsen, Keller, Tx. (Keller, Church of Christ).

  • My Texas geography is about nil. If Keller is close to Corsicana, I hope you will be able to be present. If you are, please be sure to meet me and let me know who you are.

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