Sermon Outlines

While the majority of the sermons listed below are “mine,” several of them are sermons worked up by my dad, Frank Higginbotham, who preached over 60 years, and others were developed from seeds planted by various preachers I’ve heard throughout my lifetime.

PowerPoint Sermons
Lost in the Credits – Micaiah (PowerPoint)
Lost in the Credits – Sons of Korah (PowerPoint)
Lost in the Credits – Bezaleel (PowerPoint)
Lost in the Credits – Onesiphorus (PowerPoint)
Lost in the Credits – Bartimaeus (PowerPoint)
Lost in the Credits – Legacy of the Foolish
Work Out Your Own Salvation (PowerPoint)
Gimme That Showtime Religion (PowerPoint)
Same But Different (PowerPoint)
Hide Or Be Hidden (PowerPoint)
Our Journey Home (PowerPoint)
Running the Race (PowerPoint)
A Lost Book (PowerPoint)
The Greatest News (PowerPoint)
The Weapons of our Warfare (PowerPoint)
The Resurrection (PowerPoint)
Are We Saved By Water? PowerPoint)
The Greatest Gifts Of All (PowerPoint)

We Surrender All (PowerPoint)
The Value of a Strong Faith (PowerPoint)
A Fork in the Road (PowerPoint)
But God (PowerPoint)
Will 2012 Be The End Of The World? (PowerPoint)
With What Is The Road To Hell Paved? (PowerPoint)
The Best Possible News (PowerPoint)
A Spooky Sermon (PowerPoint)
Can These Bones Live Again? (PowerPoint)
Seeing Is Bereaving (PowerPoint)
What If You Had Two Wishes? (PowerPoint)

Questions About Salvation (PowerPoint)
Learning How To Offer Criticism (PowerPoint)
Learning To Love Correction (PowerPoint)
Lessons from the Shunammite Woman (PowerPoint)
Christian Growth (PowerPoint)
Removing Doubts (PowerPoint)
Back to School (PowerPoint)
Awakened By A Rooster (PowerPoint)
Too Many Tabernacles (PowerPoint)
Imitate Me (PowerPoint)
Jesus & Peer Pressure (PowerPoint)
I Want To Want To (PowerPoint)
When You’re Disappointed With Jesus (PowerPoint)
The Challenge To Know God (PowerPoint)

We Need You: The Priesthood of All Believers (PowerPoint)

It’s All About Jesus: His Identity (Part 1) (PowerPoint)
It’s All About Jesus: The Fourfold Witnesses (Part 2) (PowerPoint)
It’s All About Jesus: The Woman At The Well (Part 3) (PowerPoint)
It’s All About Jesus: The Adulterous Woman (Part 4) (PowerPoint)
It’s All About Jesus: The Raising of Lazarus (Part 5) (PowerPoint)

It’s All About Jesus: Thomas (Part 6) (PowerPoint)

Remember Lot’s Wife (PowerPoint)

Making Contact: How To Evangelize (PowerPoint)
The Ethiopian Eunuch (PowerPoint)
The Walking With Christ (PowerPoint)
The ABC’s of Discipleship (PowerPoint)
Honoring Mom (PowerPoint)
God Allows UTurns (PowerPoint)
Hearing and Listening (PowerPoint)
God’s Great Invitation (PowerPoint)

What If Jesus Really Meant What He Said? (PowerPoint)
The Fact of the Resurrection (PowerPoint)
Raise Them Right (PowerPoint)
Parenting & Confronting Culture (PowerPoint)
Eulogizing the Living God (PowerPoint)
Challenges of Worship (PowerPoint)

Money Myths (PowerPoint)

Who’s Your Barnabas? (PowerPoint)
Who’s Your Zaccheus? (Power Point)
Who’s Your Jonathan? (PowerPoint)
Who’s Your Rhoda? (PowerPoint)

Who’s Your Nathan? (PowerPoint)

Where’s Your Jerusalem? (PowerPoint)

God’s Game Plan (PowerPoint)

The Kind Of Faith We Need (PowerPoint)
All About Jesus (PowerPoint)
Calm in the Midst of Chaos (PowerPoint)

Tests of Faith (PowerPoint)
Faith for Dummies (PowerPoint)
Families on the Edge: Erosion (PowerPoint)

Families on the Edge: Foundation (PowerPoint)

Eulogizing The Living God (PowerPoint)
What’s A Father To Do? (PowerPoint)
The Greatest Show On Earth 1 (PowerPoint)
The Greatest Show On Earth 2 (PowerPoint)
Church Growth (PowerPoint)
Jesus And Politics (PowerPoint)
Lifestyles of the Rich & Amos (PowerPoint)
What’s A Christian To Do (PowerPoint)
Worthless Offerings (PowerPoint)

Contemporary Concerns
Girls Gone Mild
Winking At Drinking
Capital Punishment

Sermons On Christ and the Church
Church Growth – Looking Backward
Beyond the Manger: Jesus the Man

Stop Dating The Church!

What We Believe & Why: The Mission of the Church

What We Believe & Why: The Nature of the Church
What We Believe & Why: The Role of Baptism
What We Believe & Why: The Lord’s Supper
What We Believe & Why: Miracles
What We Believe & Why: Instrumental Music in Worship
What We Believe & Why: Can Salvation Be Forfeited?
What We Believe & Why: Marriage, Divorce, & Remarriage
What We Believe & Why: Moral & Social Issues
What We Believe & Why: The Role of Women in the Church
What We Believe & Why: The Second Coming of Jesus
What We Believe & Why: Heaven & Hell
Communication: What the Church Wishes Elders Knew about Leadership
Communication: What Deacons Wish the Church Knew about Serving
Communication: What Elders Wish the Church Knew about Leading
Communication: What Preachers Wish the Church Knew about Preaching
Challenges Confronting The Church
Is Non-Denominational Christianity Possible?
Marks Of An Effective Church
The Hands Of Jesus
Jesus: Our Perfect Example (Part One)
Jesus: Our Perfect Example (Part Two)
Jesus: Our Perfect Example (Part Three)
Beyond The Manger
At The Foot Of The Cross
He Arose
Jesus Does All Things Well
Types & Anti-Types: The Ark & The Church
Types & Anti-Types: Manna & Jesus
Types & Anti-Types: Moses & Jesus
Types & Anti-Types: Water & Salvation
You Don’t Have To Be A Wise Man To See
Have You Heard About The Church of Christ?
I Am The Bread Of Life
I Am The Light Of The World
I Am The Door
I Am The Good Shepherd
I Am The Resurrection And The Life
The Last Words Of Jesus
Preaching Christ
A Plea For Christ
Fulfillment In Christ
The Cross Of Many Colors
When Christ Was Preached To Christ
An Atmosphere For Church Growth
What If Jesus Had Never Been Born?
The Body Of Christ
The Church In The Wisdom of God
I Stand Amazed
Christ In The Church
The Qualifications & Duties of Deacons
The Qualifications & Duties of Elders
God’s Constant Call For Men
You Don’t Have To Be A Wise Man To See

Sermons on Christian Living
Convenient Or Christian
Our Relationship With The World
Why Are You Special
What Is In Your Hand
Get Real
Girls Gone Mild
He is My Everything
Reclaiming Words
The Challenge to Know God
The Challenge to See God
U-Turns Allowed

Consider Others
Awakened By A Rooster

I Want To Want To
Think And Do Better
Contagious Christianity

Running the Race

Learning To Love Correction
Learning How To Offer Criticism
Please Be Patient

Religoius Games – Hide & Seek
Religoius Games – Simon Says
Truth or Consequences
Work Comes Before Rest
The Great Omission
How To Gain God’s Favor
Challenges of the New Year
Faith in the Midst of Storms
Without Love I am Nothing
Turn from our Wicked Ways
An Open Door and a Challenge
Things That Are Better
One Thing Leads To Another
If I Were The Devil
If I Were The Lord
The Obedient Man
Awake, You Who Sleep!
More Like The Devil
There’s An All-Seeing Eye Watching You
Wanted: Morality In America
Overcoming Sin
It’s Your Responsibility
How Deep Is Your Commitment?
Gambling & The Scriptures
Our Journey Home
Judged By What Could Have Been
Judgment Day Surprises
What Our Leaders Need To Possess
Think On These Things
So Close, But Lost
The Seven Blunders Of The World
All Men Everywhere Must…
Imperfect Discipleship
Overcoming Discouragement
There’s Hope
You Are The Salt Of The Earth
The Lust Of The Flesh
The Lust Of The Eyes
The Pride Of Life
Things That Accompany Salvation
By This I Know
Take Root Downward, Bear Fruit Upward
“Must” Is Not An Option
The Three Bears
Two Crosses Necessary To Cross Over
Simon Says
Sum or Some
Doing Truth
The Aroma of Christ
Do You Have A Nickname?
When Duties Become Desires
Sufficiency In Evangelism
Learning To Forgive
Garments of the Bible
Have You Been to Gethsemane?
For Graduates: Facing Life’s Changes & Challenges
Living Above Mediocrity
New Year’s: A New Beginning
What’s Your Price Tag?
Promises I Hold Dear
Say It Again
Let The Redeemed Of The Lord Say So
The Heart Of A Servant
When The Last Is First
Give Thanks
You Shall Know The Truth
If You Had Two Wishes
Victory In Jesus
Why You Are Special
The Eternal Word
Does Zeal Consume You?
The Power Of An Invitation

Doctrinal Sermons
The Kind of Preaching We Need
But of that Day and Hour…
But of that Day and Hour (PowerPoint)
What Happens When I Die?

Instrumental Music
Questions & Answers I
Have You Heard About The Church Of Christ?
Can We Understand The Bible Alike?
Is Non-Denominational Christianity Possible?
When God Gives Up
Where Are The Dead
To Judge Or Not To Judge?
Things That Will & Will Not Happen On The Last Day
Angels, Demons, And Satan
Some Things God Will & Will Not Do
Are You Sure He Exists?
“Nots” Which Cannot Be Untied
Reading Or Writing?
Change Is Not A Four Letter Word
From Adam’s Rib To Women’s Lib
Some Things Baptism Will Not Do
The Apple Of Eden
Marriage, Divorce, & Remarriage
The Second Coming Of Jesus
The Importance Of Baptism
Things Most Surely Believed (Part 1)
Things Most Surely Believed (Part 2)
Things Most Surely Believed (Part 3)
Sinners In The Hands Of An Angry God
Lessons From The Baptism of John
The Biblical Doctrine of Fasting
Be Still & Know That I Am God
Hard Sayings Of Jesus
How Beautiful Heaven Must Be
Is God Listening?
Why Don’t We Use Instruments In Worship?
Is Jesus Coming Soon?
Who Is Satan?
Can One Fall From Grace?
Questions Concerning The Eldership
More Questions Concerning The Eldership
The Sum Of Thy Word Is Truth
Why Do You Look On When Christians Suffer?
Integrity: Do You Want Me To Tell You The Truth?

Sermons on Grace & Salvation
When Being Good Enough Isn’t Good Enough
Up From Lo-Debar
A God Who Delights In Mercy
The Love Of God
The Enigma Of The Cross
Amazing Grace
Amazing Grace

The Grace Of The Cross
Grace In A Barren Place
No Condemnation
The Meaning of Grace
Must One Be Baptized to be Saved?
Why Be a Christian?
How to Become a Christian
The Joy of Soul-Winning
A Complete Covering
Salvation Questions
So Close, But Lost
Types & Anti-Types: Water & Salvation
Four Big Words Describing A Big Process
Work Out Your Own Salvation
Good News!
God’s Two Laws Of Pardon
The New Birth
Why Aren’t You A Christian
God’s Scheme Of Redemption
Get In While You Can
Get Out While You Can
No Condemnation
Repent Or Perish
Three Invitations of Jesus
Saved By Water?
A Lost Book
A Lost Book (PowerPoint)
A Lost Church
A Lost Christ
A Lost Opportunity
A Lost Soul

Sermons on the Home
What’s a Mother to do
What’s a Father to do
Marriage & Society I
A Biblical Overview of Marriage
Making the Most of Marriage
A Biblical Portrait Of Mothers
A Biblical Portrait Of Fathers
A Biblical Portrait of Husbands & Wives
A Biblical Portrait of Grandparents
A Biblical Portrait of Children
A Biblical Portrait of a Single Parent
Divorce And Remarriage
Proverbs & The Home
Our Heavenly Home
Responsible Fatherhood
Juvenile Delinquency
Do Not Sin Against The Child (Part 1)
Do Not Sin Against The Child (Part 2)
Why Good People Have Bad Children
Peter, Paul, & Marriage
Contemporary Attacks Against The Home
Things That Make For Happy Homes
Marriage God’s Way
The Home As God Would Have It

Textual Sermons
Can’t Touch That

First Friday, Then Sunday
Eulogy for the Living God
Then And Now

The Pharisee & The Publican
Create In Me A Clean Heart
The Ten Lepers
The Willing Disciple
The Morals of Ananias & Sapphira
Responses to Jesus: Feeding the 5,000
Responses to Jesus: The Raising of Lazarus
Responses to Jesus: Peter
Responses to Jesus: Pilate
Responses to Jesus: The Adulterous Woman
Responses to Jesus: The Believing Nobleman
Responses to Jesus: The Blind Man
Responses to Jesus: Thomas
Responses to Jesus: The Jews
Responses to Jesus: The Woman at the Well
The I AM Statements: I Am the Bread of Life
The I AM Statements: I Am the Door
The I AM Statements: I Am the Good Shepherd
The I AM Statements: I Am the Light of the World
The I AM Statements: I Am the True Vine
The I AM Statements: I Am the Way, the Truth and the Life
Witnesses to Jesus: John the Baptist
Witnesses to Jesus: The Works of Jesus
Witnesses to Jesus: The Father
Sermon on the Mount: The Disciple’s Happiness
Sermon on the Mount: The Disciple’s Influence
Sermon on the Mount: The Disciple’s Righteousness
Sermon on the Mount: The Disciple’s Faithfulness
Sermon on the Mount: The Disciple’s Love
Sermon on the Mount: The Disciple’s Prayer
Sermon on the Mount: The Disciple’s Security
Sermon on the Mount: The Disciple’s Attitude
Sermon on the Mount: The Disciple’s Decision
Christmas Myths & Their Implications
The Identity of Jesus
Why a Manger?
Christ: The Fulfillment Of Life
One Thing Leads To Another
Gems From James
The Catch of Fish
Mars Hill
Philip: The Evangelist
Lessons Learned At Philippi
Teaching The Teacher
The Legacy Of Fools
The Judgment That Matters
Bringing To Light Some Obscure Sins
The Hidden Gospel
The Believing Nobleman
The Blind Man Who Could See
The Three Bears
Are You Holy?
The Footsteps Of Peter
A Son Born Blind
Such Great Faith
The Evidence of Forgiveness
Rust As A Witness
When God Gives Up
Important Questions Asked In The Book of Job
Hard Questions For Jonah
What Purpose Does The Law Serve?
The Greatest Of These Is Love
The Lord’s Prayer
God’s “Onederful” Plan
Modern Threats In An Ancient Setting
Changing Water To Wine

Old Testament Sermons
The 400 Silent Years (Notes from a Johnny Ramsey Sermon)
Midian, Gideon, & God

Hope In God
David & The Ark
Hide or be Hidden?

Lost in the Credits – Micaiah (PowerPoint)

Lost in the Credits – Sons of Korah (PowerPoint)
Lost in the Credits – Bezaleel (PowerPoint)
Lost in the Credits – Onesiphorus (PowerPoint)
Lost in the Credits – Bartimaeus (PowerPoint)
Lost in the Credits – Legacy of the Foolish (PowerPoint)
Jacob and Laban
When the Faithful are Fearful
How To Change A City
Hezekiah: The Man Who Lived Too Long
Nadab & Abihu: The Severity of God
Jeroboam: Man-Made Religion
Nehemiah: A Mind To Work
Noah: A Man Who Walked With God
Uzziah: The Leprous King
Daniel: Faithful In Adversity
Adam: First In Line To Need A Savior
Building Or Babbling?
Balaam’s Strange Prayer
What Does The Lord Require Of Me?
The Other Ethiopian Eunuch
The Brazen Serpent
Remember Lot’s Wife
Lessons From A Giant Slayer
The Valley Of Dry Bones
Trumpet, Pitcher, & Torch
The High Price Of Sin
A Thing Of Brass
Choose Whom You Will Serve
Job: A Faithful Father
Gideon: A Champion of Obedience
Hannah: A Mother Worthy of Imitation
Factors That Caused Israel To Fall
A Whale of a Story
Grace In A Barren Place
Moses’ Great Sin
Blunders of an Army Captain
The Prophetic Word Made More Sure
Working Against A Leader
Between The Devil And The Deep Red Sea
Revenge: Justified Sin?
Bringing To Light Some Obscure Sins
Forgotten Sins

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