bracketFor those of you who are sports lovers, you may be suffering from a little “March Madness” right about now. For those of you who don’t love sports, as much media attention as the NCAA Men’s Basketball Championship gets, you too may be suffering from a little “March Madness,” even if for different reasons.

Part of the “madness” of March is the bracket.  Sixty-Eight teams are scheduled to play until one team is left standing.  Trying to predict who will will the various match-ups is well… “maddening.”  There’s just too much parity and too much left to chance to successfully predict the outcome of these games. No one has ever predicted a perfect bracket…until now.

Check out the link below and it will take you to my perfect bracket, the outcome of which is certain and not left to chance.  The Perfect Bracket.  Tell me what you think?

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