Go Scotties!

Band3 (733 x 699)Today’s post is a personal post.  You see, it’s about my sons.  They’re the two boys to the left.  Allow me to brag a little.  It should come as no surprise that one might find a Scottish influence in “Glasgow,” Kentucky.  The Glasgow High School Marching Band is one of the most recognizable bands in the entire state due to their kilts and Scottish attire.

Our oldest son, Michael (the one in the back with the tenor sax) is now a Senior, but was privileged to be allowed to march with the High School Band when he was just an eighth-grader.  That was quite an honor.  He has proven himself worthy by being named to the All-District Band every year since then, including being selected first chair.  By being able to march when he was in eighth grade, he was also able to march with his older sister, and make it to State Finals that year.

Our youngest son, Matthew (the one in the front with the trumpet) is just a seventh-grader, but was among a select few who were honored to be asked to march with the High School Band this year.  I don’t know of any seventh graders ever marching with the High School Band in Glasgow.  Matthew’s the one who used to tease his older brother about wearing a “skirt.”  Now that same boy is informing me that it’s a “kilt” not a “skirt.”

You know, I played baseball, basketball, and even ran cross country two years, but I never put in the time and work that the Band puts in (all day sessions through the heat of the Summer months, four hour practices every day through the Fall school year, every Saturday taken up in a Band competition somewhere.  Getting home at 2:00 a.m. from competitions, etc.)  It’s just a ton of hard work and requires a lot of discipline.

Am I a little proud?  You better believe it!

If you would like to see and hear a sample of the band, check out this YouTube video of when they performed in the State Finals.  My daughter Kelli, and my son Michael were marching in it.  Maybe I’ll post a new “State Finals” video at the end of this season.


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  • Steve, I enjoyed the post. I know from having a daughter in Caverna’s Marching Band a few years ago that you are absolutely correct when it comes to the dedication and skill required to be in the marching band. You have a right to be proud of your boys (and daughter when she was in it). I also heard that the Scotties “thumped” Barren County pretty good in their annual rivalry game on Friday night. I am sure both Bands tried to “outdo” each other as well. Thanks again!!

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