It’s Fun to Stay at the “Y…”

The YMCA officially changed its name this week.  After 166 years in existence, the Young Men’s Christian Association has officially changed its name to the “Y.”  That’s it.  No longer will the word “Christian” be associated with this organization.  Now, the organization says they will still emphasize “Christian ideals,” they’re just removing the “Christian” from their name.

What do you think?  Is this a step away from the “Y’s” original mission?  Is this another example of the secularization of America?  One thing I do know is that it won’t be nearly as fun to sing, “It’s fun to stay at the Yyyyyyyyy….., it’s fun to stay at the Yyyyyyyyy….”

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  • That’s funny, I just joined the “Y” last week!

    Really, I don’t guess it’s any different from what our Christian colleges have already done. Most recently Southern Christian University became Regions and now Amridge University. Guess Christian gets in the way of business huh?


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