Love What He Loved

cronin (234 x 374)Yesterday marked the anniversary date of my mom and dad’s wedding day. They enjoyed 59 years of marriage before my dad passed away in 2013. Following his death, I saw some papers that belonged to my dad from his high school days. One of the things that caught my attention was that my dad said that his favorite author was a man by the name of A.J. Cronin. A.J. Cronin? Who was A.J. Cronin? I had never heard of him. But since he was my dad’s favorite author, and I loved my dad, I felt compelled to Google him, download, and read a couple of his books. Why? Because anyone my dad thought that much of, was consequently, of interest to me too.

If you can understand my interest in A.J. Cronin, then you can also understand my great interest in the church. I sometimes find it difficult to understand the apathy some people exhibit concerning the church. How can one who loves the Lord be apathetic to what the Lord loved?  Jesus loved the church so much that he gave his life for it (Acts 20:28). Consequently, I love the church too, because I love the Lord.

Maybe we all need to spend more time thinking about our Lord and how much we love him. If we do, I am convinced that we’ll find it easier to love the things that he loved.  Give it some thought.

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