North to Alaska!

Wow! What a wonderful time we had on our recent visit to Anchorage, Alaska! The Debarr Road congregation in Anchorage Alaska asked me to come up and speak at their annual Men’s Retreat. If I remember correctly, approximately 116 men from all over Alaska attended this retreat, which was located at a campground around 30 miles north of Anchorage. It was a great time of fellowship, and I could tell that it was especially meaningful to many of them men who were present due to the distance they live from one another.

I was also able to take my family with me on this trip (everyone except for Kelli, who is a senior at FHU).  It was quite an experience for everyone.  The beauty of Alaska cannot be told in pictures!  What a place!  We saw moose (one of which forced us to stop on the road in downtown Anchorage), bald eagles, whales, mountain goats, glaciers, and hoped we wouldn’t see a bear while out walking trails!

We owe a special thanks to our friends, Ron and Zona Hogan for allowing us to stay in their condo while we were in Anchorage.

The one thing I was reminded of on this trip (which had a rather lengthy fly time) is that anyone as tall as I am should be rich enough to fly first class!  How will I ever make it to Israel in the Spring?

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