Pass It On!

spamI’m sure you’ve received many of them…An email that says “if you pass this on to ten people in your address book, God will send you a special blessing. It worked for me!”

Have you ever wondered how to respond to such emails? I’m sure many of you have no problem finding the “delete” key, but judging from the number of emails I get containing such statements, I have concluded that many must believe it.

Friends, here’s my suggestion. Next time you receive an email like that, kindly reply to the sender and share the following points:

  • Too late. God already blessed me before I sent anything to anyone in my address book.
  • The God I serve, and who is my Father will not withhold blessings from me simply because I didn’t forward an email to ten people in my address book.
  • How do you presume to speak for God in this matter? To whom has he revealed this promise to bless those who forward an email message?

Emails, that at my whim, obligate God to do this or that are presumptuous and border on superstition. Remember, Bill Gates is not going to send you on a free trip to Disney if you forward an email to ten people in your address book, and neither is God going to bless for doing the same thing. Same message, different benefactor.

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