Seize the Day

The story is told of a Sergeant and a Private in the army who were travelling together on a train. Sitting across from them in the same compartment and facing them was a mother and her beautiful daughter.  As the train entered a tunnel, everything went black as coal, then there was the sound of a kiss and a slap on the face.  The following is what went through the minds of these four people.

  • The Mother – was appalled that this Private in the army would be so presumptuous as to kiss her daughter, but at least her daughter had enough good sense to slap him in the face for taking such liberties.
  • The Sergeant – couldn’t blame the Private for kissing the beautiful young lady, but wished her aim in the dark was a littler better since she slapped him in the face and not the Private.
  • The Daughter – kind of liked the kiss but wished her mother would not have slapped the Private for kissing her.
  • The Private – sat in the darkness with a satisfied grin thinking, “how often is it that you get to kiss a pretty girl and slap your Sergeant in the face all the in same day!

The term, “carpe diem” means to “seize the day,” and that’s exactly what this quick thinking Private did. But here’s the thought for the day. How well have we been taking advantage of opportunities to advance the Kingdom of God? Have we been “seizing the day” in speaking a kind word for Jesus or doing an act of kindness in the name of Jesus?

Friends, let me challenge you to not let opportunities pass you by. Be thoughtful, mindful, and attentive to the cause of Christ and “seize the day!”

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