Snubbing the President

Wade Webster wrote an excellent article here that is responsible for my article below.  Thanks, Wade.

LincolnDuring the Civil War, President Abraham Lincoln had a rather rocky relationship with his General-in-chief of the Union army, George McClellan.  Lincoln thought he was frequently too slow to act on the offensive.

It is said that on one occasion, Lincoln, out of frustration, wrote to McClellan saying, “If you are not using the army, I should like to borrow it for a short while.”

On yet another occasion, Lincoln and the Secretary of State went to McClellan’s home to encourage him to be more aggressive with the Union army.  However, McClellan was not at home at the moment, and the President and the Secretary of State were escorted to the Parlor to await his return.  However, when McClellan returned home and was notified the President was waiting for him in the parlor, he went directly upstairs and went to bed!  Outraged at such insolence, the Secretary of State encouraged Lincoln to fire him.  Even though Lincoln was frustrated with McClellan, he didn’t allow his personal pride and the power of the Presidency derail a greater cause, victory.  Lincoln reportedly said, “This is no time to be making points of etiquette and personal dignity. I would hold the reins of McClellan’s horse if it would bring us victory”

Friends, we need more men in the church who share that sentiment.  Are you one who must defend and justify yourself, prove you’re right and they’re wrong at all costs, and demand your rights?  Or are you willing to swallow your pride, suffer offense, endure humiliation, and “hold the reins” of your “tormenter” in order to promote peace and victory?  Give it some thought.

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