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Hurricane Irma: Divine Judgment or Natural Disaster?

As I am writing this article, Hurricane Irma is just hours away from hitting the Florida coast. For days now, we have been forewarned of the devastating impact this storm is going to have. It has already left a trail of death and destruction, and without question will cause much more death and destruction before …

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More Than A Game

Question: When does a player on one High School basketball team get excited when a player on the opposing team scores? Answer: When they’re brothers. Last Friday night, February 5, 2016, Franklin Road Academy was playing University School of Nashville. With 90 seconds remaining in the game, Franklin Road Academy inserted Robert Lewis into the …

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Mental Illness

You finish the sentence. “I was sick and you _____________.” Now, if we’re talking about heart disease, diabetes, or cancer, I’m pretty sure we could fill in the blank with “visited me.”  But what if we’re talking about mental illness?  Might the sentence more truthfully be completed as follows:  “I was sick and you avoided and …

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