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One Sunday morning, a preacher pointed out to one of the elders that the flower arrangement that sits in front of the pulpit was missing. The elder hadn’t noticed it, but he certainly did now. This elder pulled all the other elders to the side and asked them if they had any knowledge of what …

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Jesus Has Left The Building

After Elvis would finish performing at one of his concerts, his fans would be left cheering for more, hoping that he would come back on stage to sing another song.  Then the P.A. announcer would make the statement, “Elvis has left the building.”  That was the cue to the fans that the concert was over …

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Friends & Family Day

Yesterday was our 15th Annual “Friends & Family Day” at the South Green Street Church of Christ.  I believe it was another great success and an encouraging day for everyone.  We had over 625 present for our morning worship service.  Over the past 15 years we have averaged over 709 in attendance on this day.  …

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