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Dear God…Nevermind

On Saturday, January 13, 2018 at exactly 8:07 a.m., an emergency missile alert was issued in Hawaii. Soon after that alert was issued, the people of Hawaii were informed that the alert was a false alarm. One can only imagine the fear that this false alarm triggered in the people there. One moment, they were …

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A Blank Page

Well, we’ve passed from 2012 and are now into the first days of 2013, and do you know what that means? It means a we get a “fresh start,” a “new beginning,” a “second chance,” a “clean slate,” and a “blank page upon which to be written.” Well, at least that’s what I hear.  But …

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National Repentance

Ever hear of Yoweri Kaguta Museveni?  Well, neither had I until today. Museveni is the President of Uganda and has been since 1986.  Museveni’s tenure as president has not been without problems, but last month, Museveni did something that put him on the radar.  He publicly repented and asked God for personal and national forgiveness. …

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