I’m not a fan of the Florida Gators, and I’m not a fan of the Denver Broncos, but I am a fan of Tim Tebow.  Tim Tebow was the quarterback for the Florida Gators and is currently in his first season as the starting quarterback for the Denver Broncos.  Tebow was a great college quarterback and it is yet to be seen how he will do in the NFL, but for all his abilities on the football field he might be just as well known for something else…His faith.

Tim Tebow has been, and is very vocal about his faith in Jesus.  He always gives credit to God when he is interviewed, he writes Bible references on his “eye black,” and is known for frequently bowing to pray while on the field.  In fact, the act of bowing to one knee and praying is now culturally known as “Tebowing.”

Now, it is not my intent in this article to scrutinize his faith, rather the point of this article is to draw your attention to this single point.  Wouldn’t it be great to have such a reputation that when someone sees something good being done, they think of you?  Is there a faith motivated activity that is so prominent in your life that when people see it, they think of you?  If not, wouldn’t that be a worthy goal?

Let’s see, what could I begin working on that will some day be known as “Higginbotham-ing?”  Okay, well maybe I better just forget about the name thing, but surely all of us can be so wedded to a Christ-like quality that when those who know us think of it, they think of us.

When someone thinks of Tim Tebow, they think of bowing to pray on one knee (Tebowing).  When someone thinks of you, what do they think of?  Give it some thought.

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  • Well done Steve. Wise words have application in all areas of our life. The really difficult task is recognizing what applies and doing what God says to make it so. You may agree when I say – prayer seems to be the most neglected power of a Christian. And it doesn’t need to look like “Tebowing.” Thanks for the thoughts…

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