The Truth: More or Less

This is the truth…more or less.

  • We need more passion and less apathy.
  • We need more soft hearts and less hard heads.
  • We need more open ears and less open mouths.
  • We need more busy bodies and less busybodies.
  • We need more back-patting and less back-biting.
  • We need more seed-slinging and less mud-slinging.
  • We need more faith in action and less faith inaction.
  • We need more accountability and less excuses making.
  • We need more abhorrence of sin and less tolerance of sin.
  • We need more focus on the cross and less focus on our cross.
  • We need more love for the world and less love for worldliness.
  • We need more pursuit of holiness and less pursuit of happiness.
  • We need more love for the truth and less love for our preferences.
  • We need more foresight in planning and less hindsight in regret.
  • We need more concern over direction and less concern over speed.
  • We need more struggle against temptation and less surrender to it.
  • We need more thanks for our blessings and less murmuring for our trials.
  • We need more joy in sharing good news and less joy in sharing bad news.
  • We need more who pray without ceasing and less who have ceased praying.
  • We need more  who seek to be hidden in Christ and less who seek to be hidden from Christ.

Do you have others you’d like to add?  Leave them in the comments section.

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  • Steve…one that comes to mind in loving the Lord more and myself less. The Hymn…. less of self and more of thee.

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