Top 10 Christian Myths


  1. If  you’re growing, you must be doing something right.
  2. One is in good standing with God so long as He can find his name written in the book…The United Church Directory.
  3. God wants you to be happy more than he wants you to be holy.
  4. Teenagers must have a Youth Minister and be a part of an organized Youth Ministry to grow spiritually.
  5. If it’s not broken, don’t fix it or change it.
  6. If it’s new, we shouldn’t do it.
  7. If it’s old, we shouldn’t do it.
  8. If a person is struggling spiritually, give them a Bible class to teach or some other responsibility that will keep them attending.
  9. Making sure we have a Bible class for all ages is more important than having qualified teachers in those classrooms (in other words, the church is a slave to the Bible class arrangement rather than the Bible class arrangement being a servant to the church).
  10. Choosing to be a compassionate church or a doctrinally sound church is an “either or” proposition.

These are a few myths that I have heard or witnessed through the years.  Do you have any others to share?  If so, leave them in the comments section.

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  • hey steve. id love to hear some more comments, or exchange some thoughts on your myth number 9. ive had several folks come to me lately suggesting some things be done about the bible classes. i tend to agree, as i have always thought it strange that often churches throw anybody into each of these classes just to fill a spot. some seek some changes, sincerely, and others are quite opposed to any adaptation. any thoughts?

  • Hi Adam, Thanks for your comments. I’ve seen the church become a slave to the “system” rather than the system being a tool for the church. When we place unqualified and unfaithful people in a class because we “have no teacher,” the system is no longer a tool, but our master. NEVER should we settle for mediocrity or unfaithfulness in the class room. Before a church makes that decision, they should combine ages so fewer teachers are required, or do away with classes altogether. Not only is it bad for the students, but it’s bad for the unfaithful member. “You do place weight on the back of someone who is struggling just treading water.”

    You don’t make someone a teacher because you don’t have anyone else to ask, and you don’t make someone a teacher in hopes that it will make them come to church more faithfully.

  • Thanks for your thoughts on Bible classes. The way you’ve worded this is very helpful for us right now. I will have to give the idea of myths in the church more thought.

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