Where Were You Trained?

We’ve all seen it happen, haven’t we?  We’ve all witnessed or maybe experienced the pride and joy grandparents have for their grandchildren. If you’re a grandparent, I’m sure you’ve “whipped out” the latest pictures of your grandchildren to show your friends. And if you’re not a grandparent, you’ve probably been an “innocent bystander” who learned more than you ever wanted to know about someone else’s grandchildren.

But here’s my question. “What seminar or training session do grandparents attend that trains them to talk about their grandchildren so freely and with such pride and excitement?”

Well, that’s a facetious question, isn’t it? You are well aware that grandparents don’t have to attend any seminars or training sessions to do what they do. It comes naturally. Grandparents are overcome with joy, moved with love, and they have the share their good news with others — as it should be!

But now, here’s my point.  Why do we think we need to go through a training session or seminar before we can share with others the love we have for Jesus?  Why do Christians have to be prodded, encouraged, and even reprimanded to speak of their Savior?  Should that not come naturally as well?  Can you imagine a grandparent waiting for a seminar before they began bragging about their grandchild? Unthinkable!  Well, unthinkable when talking about grandchildren, but not so unthinkable when talking about our Savior.

Friends, sharing the good news of Jesus shouldn’t require a seminar or training session.  It should be the natural overflow of our love for him. In fact, this good news should so “well-up” within us that we just cannot contain it (Jeremiah 20:9).

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