Who Wrote The Bible?

Over the past 34 years, I have had many people ask me questions about “who wrote the Bible.” The typical answer to these questions involved God using men through the process of inspiration to record exactly what he wanted preserved. But there’s another answer to this question and it is “my wife.”

Allow me to explain.  Several years ago, I wrote an article about an obscure command God gave to kings.  In Deuteronomy 17:18-19, God commanded the king to take a pen, and in his own hand, write for himself a copy of the the book of the law.

My wife decided that if God thought a king, as busy as he was, would benefit from writing out the Scriptures in his own hand, then she too, would benefit.  So she did.  Beginning on January 1, 2017, my wife purchased several journals, and began writing the New Testament in her own hand, and she completed this task shortly before Christmas.

Someone might ask, “Why would she do that? It’s not like we don’t have printed copies of the Bible today.” I’d like to share some of the benefits and blessings from her project.

  • Insight! The speed at which we write is much slower than the speed at which we read. Consequently, my wife picked up on many biblical “gems” and “nuggets” she would have missed if she had just been reading.  Many of these profound truths found their way into my preaching and teaching. Her project has been enlightening to me, and thus to many others to whom I preached.  My preaching and teaching was better because of the things I learned from her this year.
  • Example! For the past year, my children and I have been blessed to see their mother and my wife, sitting at the kitchen table with her Bible open and a pen in her hand. We might see her sitting there early in the morning, or late at night. Sometimes, when she couldn’t sleep, she would be found at the table, writing in the pre-dawn hours.  How do you weigh the value of such an example?
  • Legacy! The journals that are a handwritten copy of the Bible in my wife’s handwriting are treasures to me! The day will come when Kim and I will leave this world, and will leave behind our belongings to our children and their children.  Just as Abraham would have made an indelible impression on Isaac when he was willing to offer him on Mt. Moriah (Genesis 22:2), those journals will be an indelible reminder to our children of my wife’s priorities, love, and commitment to God and his word.

So the next time someone asks me, “Who wrote the Bible?” boy, do I have an unexpected answer for them!

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