The Sermon My Dad Didn’t Get To Preach

dad-deathAs we approach “Father’s Day” this weekend, I’ve done a lot of thinking about my Dad lately. This fall will mark two years since my dad, Frank Higginbotham, unexpectedly passed away. Dad was 80 years old and preached for more than 60 years. Even at the age of 80, Dad had gospel meetings scheduled out more than 10 years into the future.

But as I went through Dad’s files after he died, I ran across one of the last sermons he had prepared.  It was a sermon he was scheduled to present at the 2013 West Virginia Christian Lectureship but was unable to do so.  He had already written the manuscript for the book, but never got the opportunity to present this lesson.

The title of this lesson was, of all things, “Preparation for Death.” Little did my Dad know that as he prepared this lesson, he would not have the opportunity to present it. However, I would like to share his manuscript with you, and as you read this sermon on “Preparation for Death,” keep in mind that this is a sermon that sickness and death kept my Dad from preaching.

Here is the link for his sermon “Preparation for Death”

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