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graphJust the other day I heard from a former student, and fellow preacher.  He’s a blogger and I think he was a bit discouraged by the size of his readership.  It takes a lot of time and work to write.  So when you write, and you feel as though no one is reading, or not as many are reading as you would like, you sometimes wonder if it’s worth doing.

On this day, my friend said, “Tell me again, why am I doing this?”  Below is my answer to his question and to any others who choose to invest themselves into writing.

Personally, I see it as an issue of stewardship.  We have a medium that allows us to share the good news about which the apostles could  have never even dreamed!

I don’t know how interesting you’ll find any of this information, but I think there are several interesting tidbits below.

●    In 2013, had over 270,000 visitors.  That’s a 500% increase from when I started the site in 2008.
●    The top files/articles accessed during 2013 were:
○    Sermon Outlines – 72,000 views
○    “Friday Night Lights, School Spirit, & Soft Porn” –  48,646 views
○    “Seven Things Not To Say To The Grieving” – 32,525
○    “But It’s The Prom” – 22,500
○    “Facebook Etiquette For Christians” – 15,000
○    “My Dad’s Last Sermon” – 9234
●    Accessed from 195 Nations (Roughly, 204 total nations in the world [count depends on criterion used]).
●    All-Time Visits – 750,000!  I hope by the end of next year that will top the one million mark.

So why would I share this information with you?  Well, this is why.  How else can you reach so many people scattered all across the world, for so little expense?  Like I said previously, I see it as a matter of stewardship.  Do you think Peter, Paul, James, and John would have blogged if they could have blogged?  Do you think they would have placed messages on Facebook and asked others to share them?  Do you think they would have shared the gospel on YouTube? I can’t imagine it any other way!  How could they have turned their backs on such a medium to reach the world?  Whether you’re a social medium “junkie,” or just a “creeper” on Facebook (as my children would say it), use the technology available to you to the glory of God, whether you have 10 or 1000 readers!

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  • Thank you for this. I’m not a blogger but I do try to share the gospel in some form on my facebook page. I was just wondering this past week if anyone is reading them and if it was truly worth the time. I guess if just one person reads it, the time is well spent. Thanks again.

  • steve,
    Thank you! I also share a weekly/every other week editorial called the ramblin man.
    if anyone wants to receive, please send email address to
    Todd “Hollywood” Padgett

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