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Beware of Preying Preachers

I typically get up early on Sunday morning and go to my office so that I can finalize and meditate on the lessons that I have to present later that day.  However, this past Sunday we had a guest speaker, so I got ready for worship services in a much more leisurely fashion.  I turned …

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Shooting Yourself in the Foot

As you probably know, I’m a fan of the Andy Griffith Show.  Of course, one of my favorite characters is Barney Fife.  If I’m not mistaken (and you Mayberry trivia buffs can correct me if I’m wrong), but Barney accidentally fired his gun 10 times, mostly while pulling it from his holster.  The amazing thing …

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The Work of a Preacher In One Word

Earlier this week, Neal Pollard, preacher for the Bear Valley Church of Christ in Denver, CO, and director of the Bear Vally Bible Institute asked several preachers if they would write a short article  for his “Preacher and His Work” class.  The assignment was to sum up the work of preaching in “one word.”  Below …

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