Twice Owned

One of the pleasant memories my wife has of her childhood is when she and her father would perform a duet together. Kim would play the piano and her father would play the fiddle. Their duets brought them a lot of joy and family fun.However, Kim's dad suffered from the crippling effects of … Continue reading

The Game of LIFE

Have you ever played Milton Bradley's, "The Game of LIFE?" Probably you have at some point. This game has been around a long time -- since 1860! The object of this game is to cause its players to make several important "life decisions" and teach them several important "life lessons," while having … Continue reading

All Things Unequal

Have you ever noticed how much division there is in the religious world. Sometimes this division is due to "wrongheadedness," but not always.  Sometimes disagreements arise due to honest misunderstanding.  And much of the misunderstanding can be attributed to our understanding of words and … Continue reading

Mental Illness

You finish the sentence. "I was sick and you _____________."Now, if we're talking about heart disease, diabetes, or cancer, I'm pretty sure we could fill in the blank with "visited me."  But what if we're talking about mental illness?  Might the the sentence more truthfully be completed as … Continue reading

That’s Not What It Says

Have you ever tried to convince anyone that Jesus is the only way to Heaven? If you have, did you use John 14:6 as your proof?  In this passage Jesus said, "I am the way, the truth, and the life.  No one comes to the Father except through me."But I challenge you to re-read that passage. … Continue reading